Time to Bring Back the Asylums


Today the majority of severely mentally ill people have become the problem of the police, whose only alternative is to arrest them and lock them up.

Guest Commentary

Building an inclusive community requires trust


“If we say our communities are inclusive, and we appreciate and value diversity, then when we see diversity in the places we live, work and play, we should not question its validity.”


Trump's drug plan shows he isn't willing to take on Big Pharma

Robert Reich

“If Trump were serious about lowering drug prices he'd have to take on the U.S. drug manufacturers. But Trump doesn't want to take on Big Pharma.”


BYU Making Strides in Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

As a news industry, we frequently get accused of only emphasizing the negative, to which we emphatically disagree. It is our duty as journalists to shed light on issues that are concerning. Though, we find as much joy in sharing the sweet stories of neighbors, of miracles and of hope as readers do....


With North Korea, Hillary Is Right on Target

For once, Hillary Clinton is right on target. Her warning about negotiations over North Korea’s weapons buildup is absolutely correct. Clinton, during a visit to Australia last week, said U.S. officials should make no concessions to the North Korean regime without seeing concrete action from...


Trump haters, radical Democrats leading a coup against the president

Not since unrest of the civil rights riots in the 1960s and the Vietnam War riots in the 1970s have we, in my memory, had a more contentious social landscape. The trifecta of distrust – Trump haters, radical Democrats and deep-state desperadoes have formed an unholy alliance to destroy a...


Freeing Predators to Bilk Little People Hurts Everyone

Froma Harrop

NATIONAL COLUMNIST The most vivid takeaway from the financial meltdown of 10 years ago was that nearly everyone got hurt. Stock investors took a beating. People who had carefully set aside money for retirement saw a third of their savings vanish. Consumer spending collapsed, pushing two of the Big...


The Day the Iran Deal Died

Ben Shapiro

National Commentary Team Obama lives in a world of fiction. As President Trump announced to the world that he would finally put a stake through the heart of the Iran deal -- the signal foreign policy "achievement" of the Obama administration -- Obama's former staffers lamented, rending their...

Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: Glad for the lessons learned from other prisoners's poor behavior

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

“I can thank these old cellies for helping me see what a turn off it is to blame outside forces for one’s actions. Their examples helped me take responsibility for what led me to prison,” Brian Wood writes this week. 


One at a time

Cal Thomas

Following the 2016 election, President Obama rightly warned the Trump transition team "we only have one president at a time." It was a reminder that there can be just one person articulating American foreign policy so world leaders will have no doubt as to the United States' intentions. Obama's...

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