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Mowing electric — a small, practical way to improve Utah air quality

SW 042116 Mentor Mowing 03

Do something to improve Utah air quality. Trade in your gasoline-powered mower.

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AP FACT CHECK: Trump roars on Twitter about Russia probe

APTOPIX Trump Russia Probe

The AP fact checks Trump’s tweets about the Russia investigation.


Simulated violence contributes to mass killings

School Shooting Florida

Once again we are at loggerheads relative to mass murders, and the same old arguments are put forth. It may be useful to ask: How does the thought “I want to kill a lot of people” become imbedded in the mind of a human? How does the thought, “I will plan and execute the acts, step...


S-E Columnist was wrong about stock market gains

Financial Markets Wall Street-10

I am curious as to where E. Kent Winward, your guest columnist, gets his financial information. He states, “As I write for the newspaper and put my words out for the community to read, I strive for accuracy and relevance. … But as much as I’d like to think what I write is...


School shootings are a result of kicking God out of our lives

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

The Standard-Examiner published two letters Feb. 16 addressing the horrendous school shooting in Florida. One letter was absolutely correct (“Violence, killing won't end without a change of heart”), and the other couldn’t have been more wrong (“We need a moratorium on the...

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Hatch's apology doesn't undo the damage he's done to Utah sexual violence victims

Senate Hatch Retirement-1

Sen. Orrin Hatch needs to reassure women everywhere that when they report abuse, they’ll be taken seriously. Especially in Utah.

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America's leaders are destroying our system of checks and balances

GOP 2016 Trump

“The nation’s leaders are making checks and balances, a key aspect of America’s identity and success, irrelevant. Along the way, they are destroying confidence in our important institutions,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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Ending the Chicago massacre will require miracles of mercy

Chicago Violence

“Good public policy can promote order and justice. But ending the Chicago massacre will require miracles of mercy,” writes Michael Gerson.


Ogden needs to restore its whitewater park

Kayak Park 4

Have you ever seen something in an advertisement that seems like it would completely change your life, but when you buy it, it just doesn’t seem to live up to your expectations? 7-Eleven running out of free slurpees on 7/11. Costco not having enough free sample booths for me to eat at least a...

Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: My responsibility is to succeed, no matter the challenges

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

“Parolees are an easy target. Who wants to fight for rights of people who, at some earlier point, voluntarily forfeited them?” Brian Wood writes this week. 

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